Supershow Liger cards

I'm super excited to announce that my pro wrestling alter ego, Liger, will be joining the likes of international wrestling superstars, AJ Styles, Ricochet, Johnny Gargano and the Amazing Red as a competitor in the Supershow wrestling card game.

Supershow is a fun and really easy game to play. It's unpredictable and anyone can win at anytime.

Check out Supershow's latest Kickstarter campaign to see for yourself and also order sets HERE!

The fun part is that I get to draw the artwork for my own cards as you can see from the images below. I even drew Headlocked's main character, Mike Hartmann as the jobber taking all my moves.

The Liger cards may be called up from special promo character to a promo set which would mean 3 extra move cards for Liger. I'm still ironing out the kinks and details for the set but I'm marking out at the fact I get to be on a trading card :D

Keep an eye out for when the Liger promo set will be available. I will hopefully have a few sets to sell once they're completed.

P.S: I thought it'd be cool to have each of my different Liger costumes showcased in a separate card.

P.P.S: My website domain: is online and working!


Liger character card art

Donkey Lariat Strike Finisher card art

Cape Killer Grapple Finisher card art

Liger Tamer Submission Finisher card art


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