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Howdy, folk!It's less than a week before the Armageddon Expo in Manukau at the Vodafone Events Centre. I will be at the Arkham City Comics booth as well as in action at the Impact Pro Wrestling events.I'm pretty excited for next weekend because I get to team up with none other than WWF legend, Haku - the toughest guy in the business! The opportunity to share the ring with the Tongan legend in Manukau - the Polynesian Capital of the World!To be able to show the Polynesian people what can be achieved when Samoans and Tongans work together is an honour...

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Every year, during the month of February, I participate in the Satellite Soda Daily Draw February challenge.In previous years, I've drawn random stuff, Batman villains, Tekken characters and Spider-People. For this year's theme, I've decided on Classic Pro Wrestlers.Also this year, I've decided to make it interactive so each day I will take suggestions for the next classic pro wrestler for me to draw.I've started off with Tongan wrestling legend and the toughest man in the business, Haku aka Meng!!!Haku will be in New Zealand next month and I am not only looking forward to meeting him but also wrestling...

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