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Haku and Armageddon Expos

Howdy, folk!

It's less than a week before the Armageddon Expo in Manukau at the Vodafone Events Centre. I will be at the Arkham City Comics booth as well as in action at the Impact Pro Wrestling events.

I'm pretty excited for next weekend because I get to team up with none other than WWF legend, Haku - the toughest guy in the business!

The opportunity to share the ring with the Tongan legend in Manukau - the Polynesian Capital of the World!

To be able to show the Polynesian people what can be achieved when Samoans and Tongans work together is an honour and a privilege.

If we can capture those IPW NZ Tag Team Championships as well, that would be the absolute best!

Getting Haku over to NZ has been a goal of mine for a long time now. Luckily, knowing William Geradts (Armageddon Expo organiser) personally meant that I had his ear in terms of wrestling guest suggestions.

After contacting Haku's son, Tama Tonga, we got the ball rolling.

I don't mind confessing that I had selfish reasons to bring Haku over for Armageddon. I've always desperately wanted to meet the man and hopefully wrestle with him.

But Haku has a lot of family here in Auckland, NZ. I had heard it's been a while since he's seen them all and bringing him to NZ will allow him the chance to catch up with them and get paid for it ;)

So yeah - I'm pretty excited to meet and wrestle with Haku. That's bucket list material getting ticked off.

If you're looking for something awesome for Haku to sign* at the Armageddon Expos, I will have a limited edition Haku print for sale at $20 each.

*Fees apply for Haku's autograph and photos. Check the Armageddon website for more details.

P.S: Tama, I will look after your pops and make sure he's ok wherever we are.




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